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Fedoras for the People

long live the fedora

Fedoras: Love, Life, Happiness
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This is a community for fedora lovers. Discuss fedoras, post pictures of fedoras, and generally have a great time.

Discussion of other styles of headwear are also accepted.
berets, black fedoras, blue fedoras, brims, brown fedoras, caps, center-creased hats, cowboy hats, derbies, earflaps, feathers, fedoras, felt hats, gangster hats, green fedoras, grey fedoras, hats, headwear, leather hats, leisure hats, lumberjack hats, maroon fedoras, newsboy caps, nylon hats, orange fedoras, pinched-front hats, pink fedoras, pork pies, purple fedoras, red fedoras, safari hats, silk bands, snakeskin hats, sombreros, straw hats, tan fedoras, top hats, trucker hats, vintage fedoras, western hats, white fedoras, wool hats, yellow fedoras, zoot hats